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A small boy taught me the fun in learning English. One day I went to a beach near my high school. There I saw many foreigners but I was attracted to a small boy. When I went closer, I saw him holding something in his hand. Being curious, I asked him and he said, "baby crab." That seemingly plain answer became my aha moment to realize how interesting the English language is. I knew for the first time that "baby" can be applied to non-human things, and you can have another noun placed before a noun to act like an adjective! Since that day, I have learned many more interesting things about the English language, and I have used it to gain many non-Chinese friends as well. Here's the post.

March 15, 2017 (Wed)

The next generation leaders offer opportunities in Chinese domain names

I like to study leaders, because leaders lead and the rest follow. In corporate China, leadership is moving from traditional industries to the internet arena with Alibaba being the largest company by market cap. Domain strategies by the next generation internet leaders will certainly affect the whole business world in China, so it's worth studying them.

I have already written two posts (July 15 and 16, 2016) to analyze startups on the 2016 Top 300 New Internet Companies list. Today, I'd like to evaluate the quality of domain names used by these future leaders. Because of time constraint, I have limited my study to the top 20 startups. Look at the list first.

RankChineseEnglishDomain NameComment
1滴滴出行Di Di Chu would be excellent!
3陆金所Lu Jin SuoLu.comExcellent!
4乐视体育Le Shi Ti may be easier to remember
5京东金融Jing Dong Jin better
6饿了么E Le MeEle.meshould also secure
7众安保险Zhong An Bao XianZhongan.comGood
8乐视移动Le Shi Yi Dong(unknown) recommended
9华大基因Hua Da Ji YinGenomics.comshould also secure
10蘑菇街Mo Gu JieMogujie.comGood, can upgrade to
11微众银行Wei Zhong Yin HangWebank.comshould also secure
12达达配送Da Da Pei better
13口袋购物Kuo Dai Guo WuKoudai.comGood
14房多多Fang Duo better
15找钢网Zhao Gang WangZhaogang.comGood
16瓜子二手车直卖网Gua Zi Er Shou Che Zhi Mai WangGuazi.comGood
17APUS better
18一下视频一秒拍Yi Xia Shi Pin Yi Miao PaiYixia.comGood
19易到用车Yi Dao Yong better

For domain investors, this list suggests to focus on .com in the Chinese domain market and to prepare for domain upgrade opportunities. Many of the startups on the list are still using subpar domain names.

A good example is Di Di Chu Xing, the largest ride-sharing company in the world according to Wikipedida. Didi even swallowed up Uber China last year. However, its financial might has not translated into acquiring a good domain name. It does not own the brand matching (currently a very small site) or (for sale now).

Adding a prefix to the keyword is not a good solution, as illustrated in would be a good upgrade for it.

Some startups definitely get it by owning brand matching domain names such as and However, they may face difficulty if they decide to go global. Their domain names are not easy to remember, so that may also create upgrade opportunities: such as for and and

In short, focus on .com and look for domain upgrade opportunities.