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I'm blessed to have lived in different cultures. When I was growing up in the dragon city, I learned that poverty can be broken by hard work. Later, I moved to Taiwan which gave me vitality and hope. America showed me that I don't have to follow the crowd but the Sakura country taught me the importance of team work. Here in Middle Earth where the Hobbits used to roam, I've picked up the wisdom that you don't have to dress to impress. How about you? Can you find something good about the culture you are in? Here's the post.

April 5, 2017 (Wed)

Improving my Wechat network

Limitation may turn out to be good, and Wechat is a perfect example. While this China-based social network boasts 800+ million users, it stops you from connecting with more than 5,000 members. Interestingly, this restriction has prompted me to focus on quality instead of quantity of my contacts.

In my March 22 post, I explained how I started a Wechat network of c-level executives sourced from LinkedIn. I also described how I use the Tag field to store contact ID in the form of: "A" + 4-digit number + full name. For contacts with unknown identity etc, I simply assign "zz" to them to indicate they are not important and can be deleted in the future.

After some thinking, I found that I could improve my Wechat network by changing the ID format to: "Z" + 4-digit number + full name. Since all contacts start with either "Z" or "zz", there is no problem with Wechat's sorting order.

This is how my system works. If a contact has engaged in one or more meaningful conversation with me within a year, the letter prefix moves up by one notch: for example, from Z to Y. This also means that it'll take 26 years for any contact to move up to "A". As the years advance, the contacts will naturally fall into different groups according to Wechat's sorting order of A, B, C, etc.

As a result, the further a group is away from Z, the better the group is in terms of quality relationship. When I finally reach the limit of 5,000 contacts, then it's time to delete the least important contacts -- starting from "zz", then "z", then "y" etc. As unimportant contacts are deleted and new ones added, the quality of my Wechat network will increase.

In short, the 5000-contact limit imposed by Wechat is good for me, because now I can focus on the quality of my connections.

ps: I want to thank domain investor Nina Yip for introducing me to other features of Wechat, such as use of Official Account to acquire wider audience. Unfortunately, Wechat users inside China cannot access Moments posts published outside China, so it does not seem to be useful to me.