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Many of you have probably watched that video clip. During a recent meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, the American president's granddaughter Arabella was also in the room. She greeted the Chinese leader with a Chinese song and a Chinese poem. I can see that she has invested a lot of time in learning this language. Now, if the president's granddaughter is learning Chinese, what does it tell you about the importance of this language? And about the Chinese market? Here's the post.

April 12, 2017 (Wed)

A use case demonstrating potential of 4C .com domain names

Meaningful 4C .com domain names have great potential in corporate China. This is particularly true to startups which generally lack fund to invest in expensive domain names.

4C .com names are attractive because: (1) .com is the most preferred extension in China; (2) 4C is still very short in length; (3) They are still cheap to acquire, and some names can even be hand registered. What's needed is a creative mind to think and turn a 4C domain name into a brand.

A website I came across recently demonstrates such potential: The website is modern and sleek, and it looks great both on my PC and mobile phone. To learn more about the domain name, I sent a list of questions to the founder Mr. Xin Jiang, and here are the answers (unedited).

1. What does your company do?
37Yu connects relationship tutors and users with relationship problems to solve the relationship problems in life.

2. What service does provide?
relationship consulting service.

3. What does 37yu (三十七遇) mean?
"37" means the best temperature for people and "yu" means meet.

4. Did you register or buy it from another domain owner?
register by myself

5. Why did you choose .com?
com is the most well known one

6. Do you also own If you do not own, do you think it is important to also own
I don't own yet, I don't think it's important.

7. Is there any other thing you would like to tell our readers?
I am now looking for investment for 37yu, please contact me if you interested.

As you can see, this is how a creative mind can turn a cheap .com domain name into a great brand. Here are two rules: (1) The domain name must match the brand name; (2) The domain name must have meaning. In this example, both "37" and "yu" have meanings, which helps consumers easily remember the name.

You may notice that while it is important to acquire .com, Mr. Jiang does not consider it critical to also own the .cn version, indicating the relative strength of these two extensions in China.

Finally, special thanks to Mr. Xin Jiang for providing me with this valuable insight into the use of a 4C .com domain name.