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(2019.4.24) 只要动脑筋,还可以注册到对应品牌的.com域名。英国技术公司Veratrak提供用于制药行业的实时区块链工具。该公司近日获得100万英镑的投资。Veratrak于2017年成立之时,也注册并且使用对应品牌的。有了对应品牌的.com域名,随时可以展开全球业务。

(2019.4.23) In my March 23 article " Sequel to a poor man's guide to creating a global brand/domain" I mentioned a low-cost way to acquire .com domains. Here's a real example. Today at Godaddy I spotted expiring domain which was first owned in 2009 and is now available again for purchase at about $10. How about using this domain to create a serious news publication providing in-depth, investigative, and analytical contents helping readers develop their critical thinking ability?

(2019.4.22) 这一家公司是这样拿下对应品牌的域名。Applegreen是爱尔兰一家加油站便利店,创立于1991年,经营的便利店数量已超过472个,在爱尔兰,英国和美国雇佣了大约10,700名员工。该公司的官网一直启用爱尔兰国家后缀的Applegreen.ie域名。2013年,该公司竟然使用UDRP仲裁方法去夺取对应品牌的,结果失败了。过了6年,该公司在今年3月付出5.6万美元给Applegreen.com的拥有者,终于收购了他们梦寐以求的.com域名。所以说,想要成为国际品牌,必须在创业之时拥有对应品牌的.com域名。

(2019.4.19) 2-pin domains are sought after in corporate China because it is cultural. Recently was sold for 195,000 yuan. Qian Tang represents many Chinese phrases, such as 浅谈 (a small conversation), 钱塘 (money pond), and 前堂 (front hall).



The domain journey of a drone maker

(2019.4.20 Sat) A good domain is worth millions of dollars. This is illustrated in the recent sale of for 12 million yuan. It also tells a story of how vital domains are to the growth of a company.(Read)

4L domains with Pinyin twist offer great potential in China

(2019.4.13 Sat) Recently, I read in the news that the domain was sold for 150,000 yuan in China. It may appear as just an ordinary transaction. However, if you look further, you may find actually there is a category of domains which are perfect for globally minded startups in China.(Read)

Are numeric domains used in corporate China?

(2019.4.6 Sat) "One night in some empty room where no curtains ever hung. Like a miracle some golden words rolled off of someone's tongue. And after years of being nothing they're all looking right at you..." This old song fits very well with the scene in 2015/2016 when some Chinese investors pushed numeric domains onto the world stage – and attracted great attention from the west. (Read)

English domains becoming a trend in China?

(2019.3.30 Sat) The other day I read a small announcement in Chinese financial news, which got me thinking about whether there is a trend of Chinese startups using English-based brands/domains.(Read)

Sequel to a poor man's guide to creating a global brand/domain

(2019.3.23 Sat) If you aspire to be a global player, you need to own your .com domain on day one. Most global brands own their brand-matching .com and so should you. But, aren't .com domains expensive? Not necessary -- if you know where to find them.(Read)